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  • Interview Type Setup

  • 1 Hour Coverage

  • 1 Cinematographer

  • 1 Assistant

  • Private Online Gallery



  • Skit or Storyline

  • 3 Hours Coverage

  • 3 Person Crew

  • Private Online Gallery



  • Commercials

  • Required Coverage

  • Private Online Gallery

Who are you?

What is your background?

Explain and provide what your business is about.

What is your call to action?

Prices are in EC Dollars

Videos will be in mp4 HD 1080p or 4K if requested resolution.

If you require a professional voice over for your video please check our friends at at LyfLineRecords Studio.

Do you need an awesome and affordable Music Studio for audio recordings?

We got you covered. Give LyfLineRecords Studio a Call on 268-785-5381. Tell them we sent you.

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